CIPA to start online registration next month

Companies and Intellectual Property Authority (CIPA), a company mandated to register businesses and protect intellectual property rights in Botswana, will start online registration on June 3, this year. 

This was revealed by CIPA Trade Market Examiner, Ms Basadi Badirwang during a one-day workshop on Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) in Francistown recently.

Ms Badirwang said the new registration system brought  benefits such as simplified registration processes, with secure online payment, 24-hour turn around for all applications, free online search for the public as well as instant updating of information.

Other benefits are online verification of documents, automated annual return reminders and increased transparency and integrity of the register. 

She said it meant that all companies would now register online and that all existing companies would be required to re-register on the new system in the period between June 2019 and June 2020.

She said companies which do not re-register would be deemed to be de-registered at the end of the period and their owners would be required to update all their company information including directors, shareholders among others.

Ms Badirwang explained the objective of the workshop was to raise awareness on intellectual property rights and the use of Intellectual Property to create and invent more jobs. 

CIPA Registration Officer, Ms Lilian Molefi urged Batswana to renew their Trade Marks (TMs) or brands to avoid falling into the public domain and being used by other people at will.  

Ms Molefi said brands were renewed every ten years, adding that not all brands could be protected because of various reasons such as the brand being against public order and morality; the brand not being distinctive to other existing brands in the system or confusing.  

She further explained that...

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