Chasing the elephant story

Hardly a week after a contingent of both local and foreign journalists returned from a government sponsored fact finding mission on the state of poaching in the country, yet another alarming incident of poaching has been reported in the same area.

A leaked Department of Wildlife and National Parks Report dated 25/09/2018 has indicated that, a tourist operator in the Khwai area (name known to this publication) has reported allegations of 12 fresh carcasses of elephants that could have been poached in the area also known as NG 19.

“ He was worried that international tourists were cancelling their bookings in protest of the exponential increase in poaching, a source within DWNP has said.

Efforts to reach the operator failed as his office in Maun said he was unreachable by telephone whilst in the bush.

Last week a contingent of 25 journalists were flown in Botswana Defence Force helicopters in a two -day fact finding mission concerning the

alleged 87 elephants that were reported as “recently poached” by Dr Mike Chase, a researcher in the Department of Wildlife and National Parks. (DWNP).


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