Celeb edition with Slizer kai-1

35-year-old Slizer kai-1 is this week’s Celeb Edition.

We turn the spotlight on the Kwasa Queen who has seven albums under her belt, bursting into the limelight back in 2008 with her debut album ‘O tswa kae.’

Q. You have been in the music industry for well over a decade now – what would you say is your most memorable moment?

I think that would be back in 2017.

I had just had my car accident that December.

My back was broken so I had to go through an operation.

You can imagine artists are busy during the festive and I had a performance in Tonota on the 24th.

I went on stage on crutches and the reception I received from the audience was overwhelming.

You know, I thought that was the end of me, but the love I received gave me hope.

I will never forget that day.

Q. Which of your songs remains closest to your heart?

They are all my babies, how can I even choose!

It would have to be ‘O tswa kae’ if I had to choose.

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