Celeb edition with Comfort Ramatebele

Comfort Ramatebele, popularly known as Big Fish, is arguably one of the finest MCs in the country. Big Fish, known for his trademark ‘prepare to be eaten’ catchphrase, speaks to CELEB EDITION in a light-hearted moment.

Q. What would you say is the one thing you did not appreciate when you were the Botswana Premier League (BPL) CEO?

The first lesson was crisis management; there are so many challenges in football.

I also sharpened my general leadership virtues, a trait that gives me the confidence I can serve in many executive high-profile positions.

In football leadership you develop a ‘fear fokol’ attitude.

That’s me but it would be amiss of me not to thank the then BFA executive for entrusting me with such a noble task.

Q. If given another chance how would you improve local sports?

A. I would create a working camaraderie between all stakeholders. Also, with South Africa doing so well in multiple sports codes and located next door, I would forge a great relationship with them.


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