Captain Simon Kooper remembered

Only great people are remembered through time, people who have done remarkable things and Captain Kooper is one of them. He is placed amongst the ranks of men like Shaka Zulu, Martin Luther-King and others like them that have, literally, fought for freedom.

Martin Luther King fought hard for the freedom of African Americans during his times. He was a human rights activist for his fellow men, all against segregation and inequality. All he wanted was equal rights and opportunities for all Americans and he is still remembered to date. Shaka Zulu, too, though a conqueror had a mission similar to that of Mr. Kooper, preservation of his people.

Captain Simon Kooper can easily be called a war veteran from way back when the 1900s began. The man fought long and hard against the Germans for the lives and land of his people. He was in South Africa, grew up and lived in Namibia, and died in Botswana. His remains lie in small village in the Kgalagadi District called Lokgwabe, which is part native to the Nama because of him.

Every year, the Nama Cultural Trust holds an annual event that always features a commemoration of the man’s victories. It is also aimed at preserving and growing the Nama culture in Botswana which has been on a decline over the years. Other Nama people are invited from South Africa and Namibia to commemorate the event and celebrate this great titan.