Building a service empire

The old adage in business states: ‘the best business idea is one that provides a solution to a problem’.

This is precisely what Daniel Magole Diamond had in mind when he founded Service Empire last February.

Having hit the ground running, with more and more clients subscribing for their services, this one-of-a-kind Events Management company has the potential to become the next big thing in Botswana.

The enterprise boasts a comprehensive approach to Events Management, providing tents, cutlery, sound, deco and numerous additional services to their clients.

Unlike other outfits in the industry, Service Empire has come up with a unique concept that allows members to pay a monthly subscription – similar to the way insurance companies work.

“It’s a conventional way of doing business, that allows people to have a peace of mind while we handle their business,” explained Diamond, the founder and Sole Proprietor.

According to Diamond, anyone who is gainfully employed and has an active bank account can register with the company.

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