BTC’s very small revolution

Botswana Telecommunications Corporations’ Premium VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal) Internet has been hailed as a futuristic investment which will revolutionise business, particularly farming.

Speaking at the just ended Sandveld Ranchers Farmers Day held at Xeatshaa Cattle Ranch, many farmers interviewed by Voice Money said BTC’s Internet solution makes doing business easy.

Away from civilization, the BTC Premium VSAT was the only hi-tech platform that kept the farmers in attendance connected with the rest of the world.

Speaking to Voice Money, Product Manager, Kamogelo Puleng explained that BTC Premium VSAT is a communication solution for providing high-speed satellite Internet service from anywhere.

“Thus it is the ideal choice for businesses operating in remote, temporal and emergency areas. This is a perfect solution for farmers who want to live connected. Farmers can now keep an eye on what is happening within their farms, even when they are away in the city,” she said.


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