Broadcast rights can improve club fortunes - BPL

Botswana Football League (BFL) CEO, Solomon Ramochotlhwane says they are advocating for broadcast rights for the local league to improve business in football.

Speaking during an interview with BOPA recently, Rachotlhwane said broadcast rights could become another tool to help professionalise football.

He said most prominent leagues around the globe, with better broadcast deals, tend to develop more lucrative players and make great impact in their local economies.

He said Botswana football had a good chance to grow and develop models that would make the sport a way of life for the football fraternity.

Ramochotlhwane said it was time to change football into a business, adding that the premier league had been made a fully independent company, affiliated to the Botswana Football Association.

He said through broadcast rights, international clubs enjoy the fruits of their hard work, further stating that through the model, clubs would start to take charge of their affairs in terms of maintaining themselves and their players’ welfare. He called for the professionalism of football in Botswana for the sport to become another economic diversification asset.

Ramochotlhwane said they would have to come up with models to sell to football lovers, more especially that the sport had been halted for more than a year.

He noted that through commercialisation and professionalism, broadcast rights would advance Botswana football to compete well against other African leagues.

He said when a premier league performed very well, national teams would be able to deliver good results, which could only be achievable when all structures were functioning.

Ramochotlhwane said when local football was elevated to higher ranks in world football, business people from all corners of the world would visit for business deals, including negotiating for players to play overseas.

He said they believed that the initiative to turn local football into a business would be successful, further stating that they would workshop clubs on how BFL would work and its expectations from clubs, players and supporters. ENDS

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