Breaking Down The Budget Speech

On Monday, The Finance Minister, Peggy Serame delivered her first ever Budget Speech, sealing her place in the history books as the first ever female to do so.

While it’s easy to get lost in the jargon, with terms such as Budget Deficit, Public Debt and Fiscal Expenditure coming thick and fast, Voice Money ventured into Francistown to find out what the average individual on the street made of the speech……

I heard that the Ramokgwebana to Ramatlabama road will be converted into a dual carriageway, and I am not happy with that because it is not a priority. They could have considered improving the A3 instead because that is the road that generates income into the county. Tourists are using the A3 when going to Maun to see wild animals and many beautiful places. The road is in terrible condition after Nata and desperately needs a proper facelift.

According to me there is nothing new in the Budget Speech that hasn’t been said before. They are going to maintain roads that have been a problem since way back. Tertiary students have been crying about their small allowances but I did not hear anything about increasing them, which means students will still have to survive on the tiny amount they are currently receiving.
No employment opportunities were indicated, so those completing their schooling will be coming home to join the thousands who are already sitting at home with their diplomas and degrees.

They mentioned Shashemooke to Mathangwane road, which has now turned into a song. They have been talking about that road forever but still there is no change. If at...Read full article at -

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