A brand new Mascom Top 8

The football fever is back and it’s definitely going to be higher than ever. The Mascom Top 8 was launched this morning and it’s all new, it won’t be business as usual for the tournament so it will be one to look out for.

Tuesday morning saw the leadership of the football fraternity gather at the recently opened Grand Aria Hotel in Gaborone for the launch of the 9th season of the Mascom Top 8. The tournament is in it’s 9th year and has been growing since alluded the acting Mascom CEO Mrs. Dzene Makhwade-Seboni who cited the growth milestones of the tournament. “Every season, Mascom ensures tha the Mascom Top 8 remains an attractive proposition for our teams and our partners, the BFA and BPL.”, said the Acting CEO who thereafter mentioned the prize increases for the individuals and grand prize.

“Last year, the winner netted a cool 1.3 million, for this year, the winner of Tse Di Tona will win P1.4 million”, she said, which was met with great applause from the audience. The Man of the Match prize has been increased from P 4 000.00 to P 5 000.00 and the number one player of the tournament from P 50 000.00 to P 55 000.00.

Furthermore to the 9th season, Mascom unveiled a brand new trophy that one of the 8 teams will take home with as the winner. The trophy boasts 2 arm like waves of gold and a massive Mascom Top 8 logo on it’s chest as it shines bright. The trophy is a complete remake and very different from the previously used trophy over the past 8 seasons.  As for the new entrants this time around, the tournament sees the renamed Sharps Shooting Stars now Molepolole City Stars and security Systems coming back into the tournament.