Botswana remembers Ghandi

The late former Indian political activist Mahatma Gandhi has been described as an icon of world peace.

Assistant Minister of Local Government and Rural Development Ms Botlogile Tshireletso told attendants of  Gandhi’s 150th birthday commemoration on Tuesday that humanity was able to find a way forward to peace through his principles and beliefs.

Gandhi, she said, always spoke about the value of human dignity, justice and independence adding that his actions were a new dimension to the Indian independence movement of the 1940s.

 “The world knew him as Mahatma Gandhi ji because of his approach to non-violence and passive resistance movement. He extensively travelled in India to familiarise himself with social problems of his homeland and to connect with the people of India,” said the assistant minister.

Ms Tshireletso attributed Gandhi’s beliefs to the fact that he was a spiritual man.

“I believe every nation and individuals can learn from the principles that Gandhi ji portrayed. In Botswana we are happy to celebrate such greatness and be able to learn and apply values he held dear to his heart. That is the principles of purity, spirituality, humility and of course religious tolerance, human rights and world peace,” she said.

Gandhi was born in Gujarat, India on 2 October 1869 and obtained a law degree before relocating to South Africa in 1893.

After being exposed to racial discrimination in South Africa,  Ghandi decided to fight against social injustice in a non-violent way. He later returned to India and in the 1940s led a non-violent movement against the

British empire. Owing largely to his struggle, India attained independence in 1947.

In 2007, the United Nations declared his birthday  international non-violence day. He passed away aged 78 on 30 January 1948....