Botswana Life Insurance Limited Contributes to Security of Botswana’s Workforce by Donating to BOPEU and National Amalgamated Manual Workers Union

Botswana Life Insurance Limited (Botswana Life) once again displays its commitment to growing further with Batswana. Today, the leading life insurer donated a total of P200,000.00 to the Botswana Public Employees Union (BOPEU) and the National Amalgamated Central, Local and Parastatals Manual Workers' Union (Amalgamated Workers Union) respectively. Each institution received P100,000.00 to continue their efforts in ensuring the positive welfare of Botswana’s workforce.


Said Botswana Life Chief Executive Officer, Mr. Ronald Samuels, “As Botswana Life, we recognise that organisations such as unions form the cornerstone of the society assist in setting quality standards for our Nation’s labour force. As a business, we admire their sustained and steadfast efforts in ensuring the corroborative wellbeing of Batswana. It is through our joint efforts as leading institutions, that we are able to fulfill our promise of providing financial solutions that make a positive difference in the lives of Batswana, all while driving the socio-economic prosperity in Botswana.”


Botswana Life’s partnership with BOPEU has been in effect since 2015. Together, the organisations have set out to ensure that the long-term security and wellbeing of Botswana’s public workforce.


The National Amalgamated Workers Union partnership is a more recent union with Botswana Life – having begun in 2019. The institutions remain aligned however, in their efforts of protecting all of Botswana’s workforce, recognising that all should be included and benefit from Botswana’s development and socioeconomic growth.


Concluded Mr Samuels, “Our strength as a business lies in our ability to partner with institutions who have stood out and shown themselves to be pillars of growth in our Nation by continuously placing the needs of Batswana at the centre of all that they do. As Botswana Life, we pride ourselves in our ability to support our clients through Life and More. Despite the many challenges we have faced while adapting to the new normal, Botswana Life’s resolve to providing long-term security to Batswana has only been strengthened. We are more committed than ever in leaving a footprint and  creating lasting legacies for  our colleagues, customers, and community.”


"At BOPEU, we consider Botswana Life as being more than a stakeholder and a partner, but as part of our family. Botswana Life has stood shoulder to shoulder with BOPEU for many years and this symbiotic relationship will last for many more years to come."