Botswana Government Imposes Restrictions on the Importation of Extruded Maize Snacks

The Ministry of Investment, Trade and Industry has released a statement informing the Public, Business Community and all Stakeholders of Government’s decision to impose Restriction on the importation of maize extruded snacks through the Control of Goods, Prices and Other Charges Act, 2003, Statutory Instrument No. 55 of 2021.

The Statutory Instrument No. 55 of 2021 which was published in the Government Gazette dated 11th June 2021, restricts importation of maize extruded snacks and an import permit is issued subject to purchasing 40% in value (monetary) of the required 100% maize extruded snacks from local producers.

The statement goes on to explain that the purpose of this Statutory Instrument is to promote local production, build competitiveness and sustainability of local manufacturing companies of similar products. It is further intended to stimulate investment, job creation and economic diversification within the sector.

Article by: Farmer's Review Botswana; agriculture and farming focused blogging website.

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