Botswana Consumer Fair back, bigger

By Marvin Motlhabane

GABORONE - The Botswana Consumer Fair is back and revamped with a traders hub, an aspect that seeks to stimulate buying and selling of SME produce.

In an interview on the sidelines of the opening of the 2022 consumer fair in Gaborone yesterday, Fairground Holdings (FGH), Chief Executive Officer Ms Gorata Gabaraane said the initiative followed a feedback survey conducted in 2019, which revealed that the fair lacked the buying and selling aspect.

In addition, she said the findings proved that the fair was deemed expensive in terms of payments made by both visitors and exhibitors to partake in the event.

She also highlighted the absence of a variety of food products being sold for attendees to eat while participating in the fair.

Therefore, she said this year they found it important to introduce more buying and selling as opposed to service providers showing their respective products.

Ms Gabaraane said response to the introduction of the traders’ hub was overwhelming with stalls being bought beyond the initial target of 50.

She said the other development included reducing entrance fees for visitors to allow them to be able to spend more and do multiple visits while at the fair.

“This is a great milestone and it is also a sacrifice on our end because we are a commercial entity and we are also more about making money. We also brought in some caterers from outside to add on what we have as FGH improves variety both in products and their pricing,” she said.

She said this should build affordability for consumers coming to visit the fair through the next seven days.

Ms Gabaraane cited the tourism pavilion which sought to bring in a cluster of tourism entities with different products to one area so that one could at least appreciate Botswana under one roof.

She stated that in her three years of delivery at FGH they had exceeded their expectations in terms of the number of stalls recorded this year alone.

Already, we have registered well over 500 exhibitors including among others new participants.

She stated that visitors should expect entertainment galore throughout the week.

On Saturday, she said, they would host the bikers club of Botswana to showcase on the amusement front.

Meanwhile, Ms Gabaraane said all developments had been a build-up since the launch of the trade hub, which took place around July.

Ms Gabaraane mentioned that in recognition of other dignitaries who held space in what they were doing this week they invited the president of Business Botswana, Mr Gobusamang Keebine with plans centred around business collaborations for prospects of growth. BOPA