Bokamoso Nthompe Best Comedian

Bokamoso ‘PenenePonono’ Nthompe has won this year’s President’s Day Competitions in the comedy category, the title he won in 2017.

Kelebogaone Maboyoboyo came second position while Sedimba Shitha got third position. 

Opener of the act, ‘Penene Ponono’, had a high note opening line about his childhood and the effect of performing in vernacular language had more punch and he set pace for the next performers.

Seasoned comedian Augustus Phillimon  from Francistown, who has performed alongside big acts appeared nervous, lost the audience quickly and never regained their attention. 

His jokes, although a little funny, were mostly directed at the audience and his recklessness of losing the plot did not reward the audience for sticking up with him.

However, Maboyoboyo redeemed the show and turned a corner with his laid back jokes, which secured him second place in the competition. 

His delivery of how the Sekgalagadi is similar to the Chinese was sarcastic and amusing, with an added dash of sauciness to it all. 

Then things really took off with Sedimba, the dark skinned full bearded Maun native, who goes by the stage name Yellowbone. 

Sedimba, who claimed the national championships five times consecutively from 2012, commanded the stage cracking a couple of breezy icebreakers before launching into the crack of his set. 

A full-on comedian, Yellowbone’s cornerstone of his routine was on timely events especially...

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