BMC board keen to transform beef industry

Botswana Meat Commission (BMC) board is committed to transforming BMC and improving the beef industry, Ghanzi farmer, who is also BMC board member, Mr Rudy Lemcke said this at Charleshill agricultural show on recently.

He observed that turning around the beef sector would benefit pastoral farmers, particularly at rural areas, saying 80 per cent of cattle that were sold to BMC were from rural areas. 

He said a recent increase of P3/kg at BMC across all categories was a positive move to benefit beef producers.

Also, he said prudent management of the beef industry would improve the country’s economic status, because ‘Beef sector contributes two per cent to the economy, but if things could be done well its contribution to the economy would rise to six per cent within five years’.

In addition, Mr Lemcke stated that the beef sector would become the main employer. 

He added that it takes a proud and honest farmer to make a breakthrough in the beef industry, thus he implored farmers to play their role to get the industry in the right direction. 

He said he was recently in Namibia to forge relationship with farmers, ‘and they said we are the best, we must be proud and further our efforts.”

Mr Lemcke reminded the audience that farming had been the mainstay of the society from time immemorial, and that most people holding prestigious positions were raised by humble farmers. He therefore challenged young farmers to borrow a leaf from yesteryears’ farmers.

Farmers committee chairperson, Mr Lewis Kanguaiko challenged farmers to heed government call to join associations, saying they could best tackle some challenges easily through associations. He observed that...

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