BFL to unveil sponsors, partners July

Botswana Football League (BFL) chief executive officer, Solomon Ramochotlhwane, says the league will unveil sponsors and partners  next month.

Speaking at a media conference on Tuesday, Ramochotlhwane said the league had made significant strides and was working on concluding deals.

“It is promising. By the time we launch all our products and services, we will be having the title sponsor and other products sponsors,” he said.

He said a date for start of the league had not been announced due to some logistical challenges.

He said when football returns to the grounds, there would be no spectators, therefore they had to find ways to deliver the games to fans.    

Ramochotlhwane said teams did not generate a lot of money from gate takings as alleged, adding that the main sources were television rights as well as sale of replicas and players.

He said they were in negotiations with their broadcasting partners and promised that online platforms, with good quality, would be created for supporters to watch the games at their convenience.

“We are going to make sure that we have as many online platforms as we can, to reach all the supporters,” he said.

On other issues, he said teams were expected to submit all the required compliance documentation, including club licensing for them to be accredited, adding that the critical thing was the commercial wing finance component. Furthermore, he said BFL had established a commercial wing because the league had gone commercial.

He said the Botswana Football Association had categorised football into amateur and professional league, where there was return on investment at the end of financial reporting season.

Ramochotlhwane said once the teams were granted licences, they would be allowed to compete.

For his part, Botswana Football League Bboard chairman, Aryl Ralebala said the league was commercial and players were now employees and must have contracts, with teams expected to provide wage bills. ENDS

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