Back of the net!

Fresh data has revealed household access to the Internet has risen dramatically in Botswana over the last five years.

Figures availed by Statistics Botswana reveal that in 2019, 424, 120 households – 63.5 percent of all households in the country – had access to the Internet.

This represents a significant 72.4 percent increase on the 245, 941 households with Internet access in 2014.

The survey found that urban villages had the highest proportion of households with Internet access, at 49.9 percent.

Cities and towns and rural villages followed at 27.9 percent and 22.2 percent respectively, with all these areas recording an increase in households with access to the Internet during the five years between surveys.

According to the survey, male-headed households are more likely to have Internet access than female-led homes.

In total, of the 668, 338 households included in the survey, 34.9 percent with Internet access were male-headed while 28.6 percent were female-led.

Another key element observed is that households led by tertiary graduates made up the highest total of households with access to the Internet at 179, 384.

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