The art of public speaking

Public speaking is an art, no doubt. Not everyone can do it much as many want to. Many have gone out to school and seminars for this but still not emerge successful in the craft.

BW Jobs 4 Graduates, one of Botswana Non-Governmental Organisations focused on Youth unemployment held a Tuesday empowerment session under the theme “Public Speaking”. The session was attended by approximately 15 Youth including the BW Jobs team to engage with local banker and speaker, Mr. Montwedi Bakwena whom most would probably not attest to his public speaking.

Mr. Bakwena, a banker with local leading bank FNBB has years of experience as a public speaker and in his opening clarified what the trade is really about. Public speaking is not something that has been left for a select few but everybody can be a public speaker. In the words of one of the event attendants, ‘public speaking is done by an individual so long as they are talking to someone else other than themselves.”

“The art of public speaking is one that everyone needs to know”, said Mr. Bakwena as it opens up opportunities one may not have had before. The basic interaction that comes from it can be an eye opener to many, even of yourself. He further emphasized the importance of the skill and how there are local and international competitions on public speaking which are highly sought after.