Adoptive Father Wins Child Custody Against Martenal Grandmother

•The adoptive father had been taking care of the child for 10 years

A bitter child custody battle between a granny and an adoptive father came to an end this week as the magistrate ruled in favour of the latter.

The child custody case between the child’s maternal grandmother, Bonthodile Dinao, and the adoptive father Tebogo Monnane, began soon after the death of the child’s mother in July, 2021.

In her founding affidavit, the grandmother told the court that she contacted the Department of Social welfare and community development on September 2, 2021, because Monnane was refusing to hand her grandchild over to be registered for social welfare.

According to the grandmother the reason for wanting custody of the child was that Monnane did not legally adopt the child.

“After the funeral, she [grandmother) requested that she be given her grandchild because she was not adopted legally and that his biological father had once showed up when the deceased and her husband were preparing for marriage but later disappeared,” reads her affidavit.

According to the grandmother, the adoptive father refused to hand over documents needed to transfer the child to another school as well as documents needed to register the child for the orphans care programme with the Kgalagadi District council.

According to social enquiry report dated September, 15th, social workers assessment found that the step father had been staying with the step child since the day he married the child’s mother.

“Tebogo Monname did not adopt the child. There is no...

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