36 categories for 2018 BOMU awards

In a bid to revive their fading fortunes, this year’s Botswana Musicians Union (BOMU) awards have been beefed up to include 36 different categories.

Although the event has dwindled in popularity in recent years, organisers are confident they can recapture the early hype that saw the BOMUs blossom into one of the biggest dates in the music calendar.

The awards, which celebrate their 10th anniversary, are set to be staged at the Boipuso Fairground Holdings on the 27th of October.

This year’s event will include a distinctive international feel, with dignitaries from Lesotho, Zambia and Namibia expected to attend.

Speaking to Voice Entertainment this week, the man behind the brand, Pagson Ntsie, said, “Of course we have been under the spotlight – just like any other event! For this year’s awards we have a lot of exciting additions to what one would normally see, most importantly we have added three more categories.”


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