On Thursday the 15th of October 100% citizen owned company SDK Digital Lab launched an entrepreneurship web platform dubbed HomeBoy. The citizen empowerment centric platform was specifically designed with local small, medium and micro businesses (SMMES) in mind, mainly as part of the post COVID-19 business recovery plan for hard hit entities.  The network seeks to assist businesses with market access, consolidate and lower their marketing costs as well as improve the retention and circulation of money within the SME local economy.


 HomeBoy is the brain child of founder Mr.Thabiso Botlhole, Managing Director of SDK Digital Lab. He announced the entrepreneurship platform officially launched on the day, and now accessible to all Batswana via https://www.homeboybw.com no matter where they are in the country, as long as they have access to the internet. In an interview on DumaFM, he said “HomeBoy is here to provide Batswana that have a desire to support local businesses with a structured and direct process that helps them to identify the products they seek near them, assess their suitability, transact and then get rewarded for it”. “Secondly, through Homeboy, we will provide local businesses with a platform that will help them to formalize and grow their businesses with every transaction through ease of identification, improved record keeping and consolidated marketing efforts”, he added.


Amongst other objectives, HomeBoy strives to increase visibility of local products and lower the cost of advertising efforts for local SMEs through its cardless loyalty program as well as the ‘find-a-homeboy’ near me service. This comes at a opportune time as reports continue to show that SMEs have the potential of contributing much more significantly to the economy and create jobs, given the right tools.


Botlhole finally encouraged Batswana to be loyal to local businesses, and register on the platform to start the supporting and growing one another.


SDK is not new to technology driven business solutions having brought us tipoffbw.com, FeedbackMaster, KYCMadeEasy.com and the BrandBox digital solutions range that continue to help business engage more efficiently with their customers.