Money in body art

Tatoos have had their fair share of stigma in the past, but the disgrace associated with the ancient body art appears to have significantly faded over the years, providing an opportunity for talented tattoo artists such as Malcolm Bones who have gone skin deep into the business.

“Tattoo engraving is an art and should not be associated with Satanism. It is the only art you can carry with you to the grave and that is an inspiration for me,” Bones says looking around his parlour walls which are lined with different drawings, some of which are Tattoo artwork. Malcolm Creative Tattoos studio is located opposite Mascom shop at KB mall, Gaborone bus rank.

Despite the stereotypes, Malcolm tattoos are engraved on some famous skins of local celebrities.

Musicians among them Sasa Klaas, ATI, Touch, Clement Jackson and Taolo Moshaga as well as footballers, netballers, boxers and TV and radio personalities are some of the celebrities with Malcolm Creative Tattoos under their skins

Before he fell in love with Tattoo engraving 10 years ago, Bones says he loved drawing and painting on paper and canvas but things changed when his uncle gave him a job in his tattoo parlour to clean equipment.


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