Monday Morning Inspiration

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Malebogo “MAX” Molefhe is a former national basketball player and profound activist against
gender based violence. She is the heroic survivor of a brutal attacked against her by her then
boyfriend, who shot her 8 times in a vicious attack in 2009. After the incident, Malebogo was left
fighting for her life, only narrowly escaping death. The incident left her wheelchair bound due to
spinal cord injuries.
Today, however, Max is a beacon of hope and survival who uses her experience to motivate,
educate, inspire, and raise awareness across the country, continent and globe; on the issue of
domestic abuse and gender-based violence. She is a motivational speaker and is often invited to
speak on platforms addressing Gender-based violence.
We often feel like life is unfair or too much for us to handle; we become consumed by our daily challenges or the hurdles that we have to overcome in life. When you hear about Malebogo Molefhes story you can't help but get a wave of anger come over you. Some of us literally feel like we are dying when our hearts are broken, as far as we are concerned our whole world is burning to ashes and there is no hope of survival. Then you look at Women like Malebogo, still with a zest for life and determined to use her tragic experience to touch the lives of those who have or could be affected by this. This makes one take a step back and realize that the challenges that we face sometimes are nothing compared to what other people live through on a daily basis. I draw inspiration from Malebogo; i will start each day with a grateful heart and tackle life head on. My Monday Morning inspiration is this strong woman, living like a survivor and not a victim!! 
Photo: The Monitor