Modern Technology A Key To Todays Farming Markets

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Mr. Ducan April from Lesedi Motors, officially opens the 4th instalment of Mookane farmer’s day this morning under the theme, “Modern Technology a Key to Today Farming Markets”. With the growth of globalization and the increase in the use of ICT, it is pivotal that the farming industry finds ways to advance themselves through the use of technology.

Farming has been the culture to our everyday lives in Botswana. Beef production has contributed a certain percentage in the Gross domestic production of our country and some of the breed is being exported to European countries. Botswana beef is considered to be one of the best qualities and tastiest in the market. From the research I believe the production and the exports are below what we can produce as most of the farms are not properly utilized and most of the farming is done as a part time job or as a hobby. Some of the produce are below the quality requirements of exports to EU markets. Arable farming and horticulture are also lacking in Botswana. Farming fields are there but not fully utilized. Some of the reasons include lack of funds to start up, lack of proper equipment, implements, and lack of technical knowledge or skill. The undeveloped infrastructure that includes bad roads, unavailable electricity, clean water and health facilities, this prevents farmers from staying permanently at their farms.

Therefore we need to improve our farming methods to increase our farming yields and the quality of our livestock, hence the need to use modern technology. Modern Technology includes and not limited to, arterial insemination, embryo flushing, stud farming, and use of improved fertilizers. Artificial inseminations are the process of collecting sperm cells from a male animal and manually depositing them in to the productive tract of a female. The advantage of AI is that it is cost effective, there is no need of maintaining a bull, thus increasing the conception rate. It also prevents the spread of diseases.

This is just one of the many ways that farmers can utilize modern technology to improve their techniques. Get yourself a copy of the Farmers Meets Magazine and read more on “Modern Technology A Key To Today Farming Markets.”