Miss Millennium impacts communities

Miss Millennium, a long standing pageant for 10 years now was launched again this week at the famous jazz bar, Millennium in Mogoditshane. It goes without saying that pageants have been around for the longest time and have seen their fair share of innovation over the years.

Miss Millennium is one such pageant which is targeted at the grown women in society over 40 years of age. Over the years close to 100 participants have registered for this pageant with an eye on the crown and a desire to take on meaningful community projects that will make a change in people’s lives. Each year has seen the crowning of a Miss Millennium queen who thereafter identifies a worthy cause to undertake throughout her time as queen.

Some queens have taken their projects beyond the set time and continued to support them even after. Ms. Theresa Tiny Hirschfeld, the Miss Millennium 2010 winner shared her testimony on the work she’s done as a former queen. Though crowned in 2010, Ms. Hirschfeld continues to offer support to a family of 28 she met in 2010 whom she says have been struggling to meet their basic needs. “The family stays in an unfenced yard” she says, with only one tap and toilet to be shared amongst them all. Though orphaned and supported by the government, there food rations always run short during each month. In her efforts to assist them, Ms. Hirschfeld engages various individuals and groups to assist however best they can and involves them in the delivery of any form of help they may have offered to ensure transparency.

It is through pageants like these our communities are improved. Miss Millennium in partnership with Mascom Wireless and Zen Promotions promises a successful pageant again this year that will be followed by many more community initiatives for Batswana, not only in Mogoditshane but across Botswana.