Mascom Kitsong Centers undergo EDT

Botswana’s leading telecommunications service provider, Mascom Wireless, has been on a ICT and economic empowerment drive around the country for over 10 years improving the livelihoods of many communities through ICT.

Mascom launched Kitsong Centers over 10 years ago and has to date awarded over 100 Kitsong centers and has these operating in various villages countrywide. Kitsong centers, a business center of sorts is awarded to youth in Botswana following a process that the company has set in place. The awardees of these centers are taken through training prior to receiving these centers to ensure that they are well equipped to manage such a center and grow it.

The 2018 Mascom Kitsong Center contestants have been since last week under some intense training to ready them for this lifetime opportunity. The contestants are taken through a week long ICT training that opens their minds and even introduces some to the world of technology. An introduction to computers and computer programs is part of this training. Thereafter the contestants are taken through yet another week of training with a focus on business, Entrepreneurship Development Training (EDT) to equip with the necessary business skills to manage and grow their business. The EDT includes training such as marketing, bookkeeping and money management.

This Friday, Mascom Wireless will announce the 2018 Mascom Kitsong Center recipients following these training sessions in an event unlike any other. The company takes pride in this initiative and has supported it throughout the years even offering awards to those that continue to persevere through the hardships they face.