Mascom improves education trough ICT

The advent of technology in our country has always been a good thing. Technology is even more welcome today by everyone whether in urban or rural areas. We have come to a point in our lives where we cannot grow and development without incorporating technology.

With technology came ICT, Information Communication and Technology, and this is where entities like Mascom come in. The country’s leading telecommunications service provider, Mascom Wireless, has not been shy of taking ICT services to Batswana regardless of their location. In 2009, the company launched it’s Nteletsa II Rural Telecommunications Development Project through which 41 Kitsong Centers were launched. These centers were set out to deliver internet and other telecommunications services to their communities. Through the success of the project, the Mascom CEO Mr. Jose Couceiro, said that they went on to roll out the Kitsong Centers in other parts of the country. To date, 105 Kitsong Centers have been set up with 105 young Batswana benefiting by owning and running these centers.

The Permanent Secretary to the President, Mr. Carter Morupisi could not shy away from expressing their thrill as the government over Mascom’s commitment to the nation’s ICT drive. The eSchools initiative is one that will advance the digital literacy area of the Vision 2036 that the country has adopted since reaching the Vision 2016 that was initially set. He further expressed how many opportunities are brought up by technology and more so in education. Through technology the learning experience is improved and more engaging even for the teachers, he said. Delivery of learning modules and learning itself will no longer be limited to the classroom, with time all these can be done in more ways.

Mascom’s efforts are those worth recognizing in all and those that we should be grateful for as Batswana.