From a man to a happy bride

They met when she was still trapped in a man’s body, but that didn’t stop a smitten Congolese man from pursuing the love of his life and proposing marriage. And now that she has successfully completed her physical transition, Tshepo Kgositau is excited at the anticipation of walking down the isle as a beautiful bride. In what will be the first of its kind wedding in Botswana, Kgositau who was born male in Goodhope 29 years ago will marry her fiancée from the Republic of Congo; Beltony Kanza (28) in a traditional ceremony in Botswana sometime in October. The couple will then have their white wedding celebration in CapeTown soon after that. Speaking to the happy couple in Gaborone this week, Kanza said he met his wife -to -be in CapeTown back in 2014. “ I’m sure you’ll agree with me that she is a very beautiful woman. From the first glance you can see for yourself that she is stunning,” said the besotted husband to be.

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