Makgadikgadi Backpack

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Another weekend spent doing fun outdoor activities is finally here. Makgadikgadi epic is one of my favorite annual events; it makes me feel like I am not in the country and my alter adrenaline loving ego comes out to play. This time around I decided to camp even though my first camping experience here was close to horrific. I figured if I come prepared I will probably enjoy my stay and so far i am having the time of my life. As a responsible outdoor activity lover I thought I should give Makgadikgadi epic first timers a few tips on essentials for their backpacks.You wouldn't want to come all the way here only to be miserable because you came unprepared.

1. Sunscreen

Yes I know, we here this a lot but it is very important. Besides the sun, if you are camping you are probably going to be exposed to a lot of outdoor fires. You’d hate to have an epic weekend and then go back to work 10 shades darker.

2. Hat/ Cap

We all want to look good while we have fun however it’s also important to look good after having fun. Again, the sun is not your best friend so try as much as possible to stay away from it or stay as shaded as possible. Not only will you be grateful after the weekend but you will also get to enjoy all the various activities available.  

3. Water

If you are picky about the taste of your water I would highly advise that you pack your own bottled water.

4. Neck Gaiter

If you have never been to the Makgadikgadi area then you are probably going to be shocked by the amount of dust that is in the area. I’m sure some of you ladies got your done and want to show it off. Some free advice, DON’T! Unless it’s just for the weekend then I guess all that dust in your hair will be gone soon. If you don’t have a guitar you could always bring one of your scarves.

5. Boots

No matter how good your shoes look, no one will notice them because they will be covered in white looking dust/sand. You’re better off bringing a comfortable pair of boots that’s durable and not too heavy.

6. Cash

I know we live in a technologically driven world however you will find it easier to pay in cash for activities that you want to take part in.

7. Fully Charged Power bank

Let’s be real, we all want to take pictures all day, so make sure your power bank is fully charged.