Magnificent Mafitlhakgosi thrill at Orange Letlhafula

Mafitlhakgosi Traditional Group were the undoubted stars of the show at yesterday’s (Saturday 05) Orange Letlhafula Day.

Bursting with skill and energy, the group’s sizzling performance had the audience dancing in delight and calling for more.

With their infectious smiles and impressive stamina, the dance group’s talented younger members proved a particular hit with the hundreds who turned up at Botswana Craft for the 18th edition of the annual cultural show.

Mafitlhakgosi’s varied act involved different types of music, including: Polka, Phatisi, Tsutsube and Ndazula – in all those genres they gave high-tempo, faultless performances.

The day included performances by different local groups, such as Mabutswapele, Mahempe and Jazz by Genius Senyatso.

There was also a variety of food to choose from, with dishes such as bogobe jwa lerotse, dinawa, mokoto, tlhako, mmidi, bogobe jwa mabele, bogobe jwa maswi, seswaa and more.

Traditional drinks such as mmilo, morula, bojalwa jwa setswana and gemere also formed part of the menu.


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