Kuru Dance Festival

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Today’s pop culture is in the modern lingo LIT, there is a word that unites black people all the way from the Americas to Africa, a black person who does not know what the word WOKE means is not an African patriot.  Blackness on its own is now akin to magic, having more melanin on one’s skin and having kinky coily hair is in vogue. Black people are calling each other out for being sleep walkers in worlds that the west created for them. Being woke means that not only are you a Pan- African but you are on the path to  unearth yourself, to look for the authentic self, for that place called home. There was a time when we were so ashamed of blackness, when all we saw of black African culture was savagery and crudeness. We had acknowledged the pillaging and the raping of Africa during the scramble for the continent by the white powers, we had not realized or acknowledged the destruction and the looting of our very essence, our spirit, our gods, our art and of our very selves. In the new world of wokeness Abrahamism is not enough; the new Africans in their woke state are quickly rejecting the God of the conquerors in the search for their own. Because black is power they demand that their Gods should also be black.

But where do the African Gods reside?

My existential crisis came in the form of an innocent conversation with a friend who expressed to me just how much she dislikes Botswana as a country; she said that it is a dry hell of a hot desert where people’s only artistic expression is stomping on the hard ground with their feet and having the audacity to call it dancing. I said nothing, I had not realized at the time that I had agreed completely with her statement out of shame; shame for my culture, my believes, myself; in short my blackness. In the woke world of black magic one cannot be ashamed of their blackness and still claim to be authentic. So my shame  brought me here to the contemplation of my existence and the realization that “blackness” is more than just the color of the individual’s skin, it is the whole life experience of a person; their culture, language, food, art and of course spirituality.

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