Kay Nails It Nail Hacks

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It's that time of the week again! Lucky number 3 lol

Guys I cannot stress hydration enough, just like how your hair breaks when it is dehydrated the same happens to your nails. Sisters/bros with weak nails LISTEN MORE THAN EVERYONE!!!

Apply and re-apply that hand cream like you are getting paid. Healthy nails are usually a result of simple habits. Just like what I do with the cuticle oil, I spread and massage my hand lotion into my nails.

Usually hand lotions vary in formula, some have extra moisture or have great oils in them, pick according to your needs and trust me when I say changes will be seen.

For extra credit apply a generous amount to your hands and nails before bed time, even wrinkles are slow to appear when you have this daily habit.

Ok now let me hold on to this energy for next Wednesday


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