IT`s Time to RISE UP! With Spirit Of Praise 7.

03 Oct 2018
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On the 10th November 2018 Spirit Of Praise 7 will melt and get up and praise the Lord with the rest of the audience. Bishop Benjamin Dube who was this morning addressing the media at GICC, says he is proud to be coming to Botswana after 3 years of absence, and with so many artists, using their voices in such a marvelous way, he assured Batswana that of course they had to be rest, and be ready to see, and give 100% to the glory of the Father.  

The famous choir will bring along all of their famous artists, secular. They have performed before. Bishop Benjamin alluded that Spirit Of Praise is bring 14 guest, and 21 artists.

The Organizers told the media that that the security will be of world class, and encouraged Batswana to buy tickets on time, to avoid last minutes rush.