Hon Kitso Mokaila Officiates WTISD for the first time as Minister of Transport and Communication

Hon Kitso Mokaila officiates the World Telecommunications and Information Society Day for the first time as Minister of Transport and Communication as celebrate under this year’s exciting theme: “Big Data Big Impact,” in the North East District, Masunga village.

The minister has joined to the Ministry of Transport and Communications at an interesting time when information communication technologies have taken the world by storm. As part of the celebrations of WTISD as this day is popularly known, the minister started with a Kgotla address on the 19th May, 2017 where different communities from across the North East district listened in on how a flood of data is created every day by the use interactions of billions of people using computers, GPS devices, cell phones and medical devices.

When he opened the Kgotla meeting – the minister said that Batswana need to take advantage of the ICTs to better their businesses, organisations and to learn about the current world trends that can benefit all us as a nation and individuals.

WTISD official Day – 20th May, 2017: In commemoration of the World Telecommunications and information society Day, Minister highlighted how the interactions of different data occur through mobile devices being used in the developing world like Botswana, whose needs and habits have been poorly understood. This being an opportunity to educate Batswana on the potential of channelling these torrents of data into actionable information that can be used to identify needs, provide services and predict and prevent crises for the benefit of our nation.

Hon Mokaila also noted that ICT’s are intelligent and if used accordingly would take Botswana to another level.