Growing up in Kasane

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Kasane is beautiful place without a doubt. Modernised here and there but still very natural more especially on the outskirts. Now one may argue that this is the case all over Botswana but Kasane is different. I caught up with Webby Kasale, a native of Kasane to see if my hypothesis wasn’t wrong.

Webby was born in Kasane in 1975 so he was a perfect candidate for my study. He was born and lived in Kasane all his life says Webby. All the developments we see today he has seen growing up. From the various construction projects in and around Kasane to the different tourists that have visited from around the world. The new residential area called Plateau is one Webby has seen since it began and he says it’s fairly new. Something in Webby’s answer caught my attention and I paused to ask if he meant there weren’t any local tourists that visited Kasane. Having picked up where my question came from, Webby demystified that for me and told me that there has been an increase over the years of local visitors. Batswana have been growing in appreciation of local tourism and their uptake of tourism activities is very promising according to Webby.

I caught up with him at the Botswana – Zambia border where Bantuni boats are used to haul travelers and even trucks across the Chobe River. From he was standing it was obvious he was a boat driver, one much smaller than the Bantuni and his was used to transport only people that travelled on foot. I asked Webby how long he had been a boat driver and if it’s a job he enjoys doing and said he really does. He has been driving boats since 1997 and will be have 20 years’ experience come the end of this year. He further told me that this is a job he really loves and had always wanted to do since his childhood. Webby shared with me his memories during his primary school years where he would always see people on boat cruises while he was in class and this inspired him to own and drive his own boat one day.

The best thing he loves about growing up in Kasane is nature herself. He enjoys seeing animals and all the green vegetation in the area. Even wen in the water he cherishes every moment of it and the animals he sees even in the water, the fish, hippo and elephants crossing over as well. Site seeing is something Webby would like every Motswana to do and thanks all the tourists from outside our borders that come to visit. Hope you get to meet him one day.

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