The GrindpreneurBW: Is The Year Still New?

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The best part of the New Year is that it doesn’t feel like cheating when we wipe the slate clean and start with a fresh attitude; people all over the world make New Year’s resolutions, and of course it is the right thing to do, but what happens when the year doesn’t feel new? Let me rephrase…it is Mid-March today, the year does not feel new anymore (or does it?), WHAT NOW?

Last year around this time I cut myself a cheque for a million Pulas and stuck it behind my bedroom wall (which was such an easy thing to do), my new year’s resolution was to be able to cash it at the end of the 2017. That cheque leaf behind my door was a daily reminder of where I was going…and then it became a weekly reminder…then monthly…but eventually became part of the door paint. Where did my drive go? where did the new me go?

For me 2018 has never felt like a new year; and this is probably why it took me this long to get inspiration for this blog post, my first for the year. So my question, what happens to New Year resolutions when the year doesn’t feel new? Do they die off and we just accept it?

I would like to share a few pointers i got from  my mentors about how to stick to New Year resolutions:


  1. Set yourself realistic Resolutions: no matter what you want to achieve, it can be broken down into smaller manageable goals. Its good to dream so big that even you yourself are scared. Actually, let me make this personal…. It’s okay to write a million Pulas cheque to myself…but I have to first generate a few thousands of Pulas and learn to manage them (this is me talking to myself by the way). My good young friend Rowinah Kablay always emphasizes that we should not be too hard on ourselves but take each step at a time (although she says it in the best way ever…I’m sorry, my English is average. lol:)

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