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Growing up I was taught that people should share even the smallest of things (metaphorically linked to the size of the head of a fly); but for some reason sharing is a bit too sensitive in business, because while some people are good at it, others are not.

This past weekend I travelled to Hukuntsi, a beautiful village in the Kgalagadi District; the people are so friendly and so free spirited. On the way I had a tyre burst and these two gentlemen stopped to assist me, but I ended up leaving everything to them (because I’m more of a writer than a handy man)…this is NOT how sharing/ partnering should be.

But anyway, I got to appreciate my fellow countrymen the way Eyadini appreciates Zodwa Wabantu and her dance moves (joke…too informal? Okay I take it back). Anyway, so I realized that a lot of youth entrepreneurs in the rural areas have so much talent & many innovative ideas, but are limited somehow; most of them could use a bit of GC-Hustle influence. Think of a partnership between a Marketing GC guy (who has witnessed the Satar Dadas and the Warren Buffets) and a Hukuntsi guy who breeds horses and camels; they would make the biggest fun park in the country, we need more recreational facilities! (I just gave away a business idea).

But of course partnerships have to be strategic and ultimately yield improved results (profitability),that is 1+1=3, the power of synergy; here are a few factors to consider in Strategic Partnerships:

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