The GrindpreneurBW: Creativity, Unearthing Diamonds Alive

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When I did my Masters, the biggest revelation (course outcome) I was hoping to get was answers to the question “what is the most important quality of an entrepreneur?” But even up to now, I cannot give you a specific response. So I have learnt, school cannot teach you everything. Business school can help you know how to separate business from personal pleasure (what we call professionalism), but it cannot teach you creativity; just like money can buy you a suit, but cannot buy you class…you’re missing my point? Don’t worry, I am getting to it.

Many would argue the most important quality is passion; an overwhelming love and determination to see your business strive and survive. Others might say leadership; the ability to bring a team of people together and guide them toward a common goal. But in today’s highly competitive economy, how does your business survive if the only unique thing you possess is your passion and charismatic leadership style?

Now to get to my point, I believe that creativity unearths all diamonds alive.

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