Grass cutters.

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Kazuma 265 sounds like a military base where some heavy artillery is kept that only the most senior officials know about, haha but it’s not. It’s a new place I’ve since made friends in and it’s right up north this beautiful country.

Kazuma 265 is in a wildlife area but also home to some native people. I met a group of men and women who live normadic lives in this area. This time around they were harvesting some thatch grass, a type that’s as tall as a man and part of their livelihood. They call this grass “bojang jo bosweu” meaning “white grass” because of it’s colour. I was just a passerby so whether there is black or blue grass I don’t know. It’s a trade they’ve grown into and have never paid much attention to the name of the grass but where it grows, when it matures and where to sell it.

Mma Monde Machaile, one of the grass cutters there said there are other people that pick other grasses that are used for similar purposes but theirs is the best. This is even so to the extent that outsiders invade their space to cut the same grass and sell it in their areas as it’s widely used. Thatching houses and other buildings is what this white grass is used for and they haven’t used for any other purpose she says. The grass is bundled in different and sold afterwards to customers according to their needs. Those that wish to use it to thatch roundavels do so with enough for them while others take the smallest bundle available to use as a broom to sweep the yard.

I then closed off with what she considered a no brainer and this was the wildlife. How do you live in place with so many wild animals and some so dangerous I asked with hope to expect a her to say that they leave the area or use some kind of protection she said they are used to it. It’s an area they grew up in so they’ve learnt to live the animals. She even says lions are no scary animal to them and there is no animal that can come in to peoples habitats even at night with a fire around.

Now that’s a tip a lot of us need to take note of…

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