Gourmet Grill

  • Succulent steak and veggies with black pepper sauce
  • Indoors, Gourmet Grill
  • All You Can Eat Pizza at Gourmet Grill
  • Cocktail Specials

We are a fine dining restaurant situated at Masa Centre. We create an intimate ambiance that is perfect for you to enjoy a good glass of wine with a sizzling succulent steak cooked to your liking. We offer weekly specials that you can come and enjoy with friends or loved ones from 5pm-7pm. Our 'All you can Eat Pizza' special is a favorite on Tuesdays and you can watch our fetch make the pizza for you. Our famous grills and cocktails are a winner and cannot be replicated anywhere else in town.... 

Operating Hours

 Monday-Sunday: 0900hrs-0000hrs

City or Town: 
+267 75450451