The Grindpreneur BW: Hanging with BOII KS Photography

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With the rise in amateur photography, there has been an increasing tendency for people to think that the art of photography is nothing more than just taking decent photographs. Like most businesses in the creative industry, photography is not given the respect it deserves; but the truth is, having cameras in our mobile phones doesn’t make us photographers; yes, its enough to get us a few likes on Instagram, but not enough for a photo album that will last for decades.

I got a chance to sit and have a chat with Boii KS, a young female Motswana photographer who specializes in maternity shoots, family portraits and is well known for her eye in breath-taking earthy outdoor themes. Here’s how the interview went:

  1. Who is Boii KS’ and what do you do?

Just to break it down for you, my full name is Boingotlo Karabo Seitshiro; I was born in Francistown where my mother was working at Nyangabwe hospital, but moved to Tlokweng when i was about 2 years old to live with my grandma’, my mom later joined us when I was 10 and I’ve been living in Tlokweng ever since…I’m a Gabs person and somehow adapted to the rough financial life of this side of the country. Having grown up in an environment with boys, i toughened up and became a grinder

professionally, I’m a photographer; photography is my life, it’s the story I fail to put into words, its my way of freezing the moment, I love it!!!

2. How did you get into photography & how has the journey been?

I have always had passion for Media & I’m glad I’m doing what I love. Initially I had enrolled for Accounting at University of Botswana, a course that wasn’t really meant for me; yes, I was performing well, but not as much as I would have if i loved it. So i decided to take  a leap of faith and change to do Journalism & Media at Bosa boSeleTraining Institution and later Limkokwing. School taught me basics; it exposed me to radio, TV, print media; but i taught myself what I do, I worked extra hard to learn more and identify my art of painting a picture using light.

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