Gabaraane takes on new challenges in Zambia


Outgoing Stanbic Bank Botswana  Managing Director (MD), Leina Gabaraane, has played an instrumental role in growing the Stanbic brand. Once thought to be a bank for grownups with very little technology  or innovation in most services, Stanbic now appeals to a wider range of customers including the youth, and still strives to be one of the leading banks in Botswana.


Having been roped in 2008 as Assistant MD, Gabaraane has been with the bank for close to a decade. The outgoing MD said most systems and operations in the bank were not competitive when he arrived, and he wanted to instill a spirit of excellence in both his team and the products they offer.


"When I came in at that time, we were perceived as a technologically cake bank, our systems were cake, youngsters couldn’t bank with us. We have now been able to turn things around, Stanbic is a stronger brand. This was a result of promoting a culture of excellence in the team," said Gabaraane.


Gabaraane who is passionate about the business of people, said the bank has been able to grow because the team managed to follow through on the targets of its leaders. He added that developing the team, and seeing growth in particular individuals, was also an evident success which helped turn the fortunes of the bank.


"We have achieved success because of the team. One thing I take particular pride in is the people who we've been able to transform," said Gabaraane.


Gabaraane who is a University of Botswana graduate in Business Communications, started off with Botswana Development Corporation. There he began as a junior, and moved up the ranks to a senior role. After this journey, Gabaraane started StanLib in 2003, an asset management company. This business became a great success.


"I ran that company from start. When I started it did not have any assets, it did not have any employees. But I was fortunate that by the time I left it in 2007 it was a known brand, we had quite a lot of assets under management and quite a lot of staff members," said Gabaraane.


Stanbic then identified him as the bank’s next leader, and now after years of satisfying the bank, Gabaraane has now been appointed to another hot seat, CEO of Stanbic Zambia. This is one of the Stanbic group’s key markets. Gabaraane who is excited to start from ground zero, is ready to take on what ever the market will present him.


“It will be an interesting challenge because I am going into a new market, I don’t know anybody there. So I need to build relationships, get to know people, get to know who I need to call in government if we need help. I am going back to ground zero and starting my journey afresh and I’m excited about it” said Gabaraane.