Fox Africa Boxing Championships Weigh-In

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In case you didn’t know what a weigh-in is here’s a little light. In the sport of Boxing there is a ritual called a weigh-in that every bout goes through. Before a boxing match can start, the two fighters going against each other are brought together in a room and all this takes place.

First for a little background, a boxing match is professionally called a ‘bout’ because of the duration of the boxing round. A bout by definition is a period of intense activity and that’s what a boxing match is all about. A round can go for about 4 minutes with a total of 12 rounds per match.  The weigh-in, now, is a preliminary event which takes place at least a day before the actual fight. Fighters from each bout take up the scale to gauge whether they fall within their designated weight class. This is also to ensure that fighters are properly matched to each other to even the playing field.

After the weigh-in is done, the fighters undergo medical checks as part of the fight requirements to make sure that everyone is fit. There after match rules are put our and shared with everyone and all that is left is the fights on the set date.

This edition of the Fox Africa Boxing Championships will comprise of the Featherweight, Lightweight, Welterweight, Junior Flyweight and Super Featherweight classes. The Championship matches have 8 bouts set up across these weight classes with 2 of them being vacant world titles and 6 supporting bouts. The World Titles will be full round matches of 4 minute rounds and a total of 12 rounds whereas the supporting bouts round will be 3 minutes long. Botswana, in all has 7 fighters set to take stage from 2 local clubs, Namibia 1 and South Africa 8 throughout the championship matches.

I know a bit about boxing now and so should you. Let’s meet right here for the actual live streaming and support our guys.

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