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Its hard to be consistent in your workouts if you're going to be travelling these holidays. WRONG! This is just an excuse.
We usually book into hotels or visit family and end up stuck in small spaces, which makes it hard to workout....
Well today we will be looking at a few workouts that can be done in small spaces but are quite effective.

First up, The Russian Twist

This workout targets the abdomen, to help burn belly fat, with the Russian twist the whole core is being exercised including the obliques. Working out these muscles not only results in a toned core but also helps improve posture and avoid slouching. Start off in a seated position with the knees bent, slightly lift the feet off the ground while leaning back in order to engage the core muscles. Twist the upper body to one side and twist to the other side (1 rep). For a little more challenge, you could use weights as demonstrated. Repeat 12-15 times.

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