Don’t deny your men sex, women urged


Specially elected North East District Council (NEDC) councillor, Mathodi Modisapudi, has appealed to women not to deny their male partners conjugal rights, saying this breeds domestic violence.

“Denying men sex is the cause of most killings in homes,” observed Modisapudi when addressing a workshop on gender based violence on women and children at Butale village in the north eastern part of the country over the weekend.

Modisapudi lamented that it has been discovered that women no longer respect their love relationships and marriages. She said denying a husband or partner sex without a sound reason like sickness, is denying him his rights.

According to Modisapudi, most men behave in a hysterical manner when they are in need of sex. “Men’s mind becomes preoccupied with sex to an extent that they quickly lose their temper when they need it,” charged Modisapudi. Modisapudi, who is also the chairperson of the Gender Welfare Committee in the NEDC, pleaded with women to be considerate. 


She accused women of having a propensity of denying their partners sex on the basis that they are tired. Women were reminded that men do pay lobola in order to enjoy sexual intercourse as and when he needs it.


“Issues around sex need strong communication. Women must be able to negotiate with their men when they are not feeling well,” advised Modisapudi before urging men to be romantically involved and not to just seek sexual intercourse from their women.


Modisapudi encouraged cohabiting partners to also behave like married ones. She said cohabiting partners have chosen to stay as husband and wife and women should grant their men conjugal rights like married ones.


Tshesebe Police Station, Superintended Amos Kekgathetse said gender based violence can be avoided if lovers communicate. “There is no need to bottle up issues rather than resorting to nurturing communication,” advised Kekgathetse.  


Kekgathetse said most of the reported matters involving lovers have their problems stemming from the bedroom. He urged couples to exercise maximum restraint whenever they encounter problems and seek assistance from community leaders.


He, however, accused some men of not living up to their responsibilities in the home.