Christmas Wish List

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It’s that time of the year again and we are all planning (planning is the key word) to run around to find our colleagues, family or friends the perfect Christmas gift. If you are lucky you are probably using a wish list they gave you so you know that whatever you buy, they will Love! But for those of us who are unfortunate, we are hoping we’ve paid enough attention during the year to get that million pula, this is the best gift I’ve ever received’ facial expression! Men seem to have it easier, most women love a good scent, a pair of heels or a handbag so when all fails, that would be the easiest buy. The secret to finding the perfect gift is to start early; don’t wait until the malls get full and all the good items are off the shelf. The recent black Friday would have been the perfect time to get gifts at very low prices but from what I hear the commotion wasn’t worth the trouble. I Love local products and I always try to buy those close to my heart local brands that I fell in love with during the year in the hopes that they too will love them. I have a 100% success rate with this and it feels good putting money into a fellow Motswana’s pocket. Here are a few buys you can heck out: 

Sasha Jewellery

Sasha recently launched an accessories line that carried pieces for the modern, simple or outgoing woman. There is a wide variety of pieces to choose from for every occasion and the quality of the pieces is up to standard. Perfect gift for your daughter, Mom or girlfriend!

Mpho Sebina

Mpho Sebina has had an incredible year and her album, ‘Neo’ has been received positively by Batswana. This CD is perfect for the soul lovers, the deep afro-centric souls. I guarantee you won’t skip a song on the CD on those road trips and long drives during festive.  

Nubian Seed

Everybody loves to take care of their skin and truth is that’s the first thing you notice when you meet people. Nubian seed has a wide range of natural products to choose from and you can create your own little goodie bag. This is an intimate buy and perfect for both men and women.


Another one for the ladies! We all know how sensitive ladies are about their hair so buying a gift for their hair is very thoughtful (hoping it actually work for them). Ludo is a local hair product line that was launched by Wada this year. I have personally tried and I absolutely Love it! This is a great gift for a girlfriend or cousin that you honestly have no idea what they would like.

 Little Einstein Gift Box

Children have to be the easiest to buy for. They appreciate whatever you get for them and I’m sure they can never have enough toys. The Little Einstein gift box is not only fun to play with but also educational.