A CEO with a big heart

Botswana Medical Aid Society (Bomaid) Principal Officer, 47-year-old Moraki Mokgosana is not just looking to make money but rather spend his time and energy helping the less fortunate, an undertaking that has seen him scale Mount Everest in 2015 and also reach the peak of Mount Kilimanjaro in 2012.

Before joining the entity as Chief Executive Officer in 2013, Mokgosana had been involved in the medical aid industry since 2005 and served as a board member and chairman of one of the international medical aid administrators.

The father of three, two girls and a boy, has held leadership positions and also acted in accounting and project management capacities with different multinationals in the hospitality, telecommunications and manufacturing sectors.

In a brief interview with The Voice Money Reporter, Lame Modise, the meek Mokgosana says he began his career in auditing after graduating from the University of Botswana with a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) Degree and also that he is a Trustee of the Kabelano Trust, Tshwaragano Adventure Trust and also serves on the boards of the Botswana Meat Commission and Botswana Couriers and Logistics.


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