Celebrity detective

Towards the end of last year, the Botswana Police Service embarked on a highly publicised operation to route out the country’s drug dealers.

The man spearheading the ‘war on drugs’, which includes televised raids on Btv news, is Assistant Commissioner, Nunu Lesetedi.

With 39 years experience in the Police, the Serowe born detective is the ideal candidate to lead such a gruelling, extensive and dangerous campaign.

Indeed, under Lesetedi’s watch, no drug dealer is safe.

Voice journalist Portia Ngwako-Mlilo caught up with the 57-year-old top cop this week to find out how the operation is going.

Our animal-loving reporter was also keen to get the latest on the legendary sniffer dog, Boots, the canine who stole the nation’s heart with her uncanny ability to sniff out drugs – an ability that even led to Boots receiving death threats on social media!

Q. What prompted the police to start these drugs raids?

A. When you deal with crime, the first thing you need to find out is what makes offenders commit it.

What we found out is that drugs can make someone change character; under the influence of drugs, people become brave enough to commit crime.

Drugs are expensive so using them regularly means you always need money, so people end up stealing.

Uprooting drugs will definitely help to reduce crime.


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