Celeb Edition wth Bokang Proctor

Bokang Proctor, popularly known as BK Proctor, is a renowned music producer and rapper. The trendy 33-year-old Tshane native is also well known for his clothing and shoe label.

Who are your three main competitors (direct or indirect) and what do you admire about their presence?

Nike, Adidas and Puma – I admire their ability to involve influential brand ambassadors as a major marketing strategy, appealing to the young and determined youth that will lead and change the world.

Q. What do you dislike about their brand identity?

A. Absolutely nothing – competition is somewhat inevitable and imperative to any growing brand and economy.

Q. What about your background or product/service sets you apart from your competitors?

A. There is a robust lifestyle and footwear industry with a growing number of players. There is an overall surplus in consumer preference across brands and styles and it is likely to give us a solid boost. But while there is room for optimism in the industry, success will require strategic positioning.


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